Flubetech is a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula in the development, fabrication and commercialization of ceramic and functional, hard coatings.

Our aim is to offer our clients the knowledge and technology of the state-of-the-art coatings so as to enhance their competitiveness and product quality. For that reason Flubetech utilizes cutting-edge technology in PVD coatings (Magnetron Sputtering), HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) and HT-CVD coatings (Hot Filament-Chemical Vapour Deposition)

Flubetech hard coatings provide excellent characteristics in terms of hardness, wear resistance and low-friction coefficient. These aforementioned properties, which are obtained in PVD, HiPIMS and HT-CVD coatings, are needed in a variety of applications such as cutting and forming dies, plastic and die casting moulds, cutting tools and  high productivity tools and components in general.

Flubetech  also applies its coating technology to improve components in the biomedical sector. Surgical tools, dental prosthetic components and screws are successfully coated here, in Flubetech.

Since 2006, Flubetech has continually lived up to its commitment to innovate and develop new hard coatings and industrial applications to meet the market needs.

Flubetech’s Evolution

2006        – Spin off foundation of  IQS School of Engineering

  – Emprenedors Caixa Manresa 2006 Award

2009        – New coatings, RP-CVD facility in Terrassa

2010        – PVD Magnetron Sputtering technology

2012        – Starting of the internationalization process

                 – Extension of the new PVD coatings’ technology

2013        – Increase  in a 70% of the production capacity

2014        – Certifications. ISO 9001/2008 and  ISO 13485/2012

2015        – Flubetech has moved its facilities to Castellar del Vallès

2016        -Increase of the production capacity

2017        -Incorporation of the new HiPIMS technology in the facilities of Castellar del Vallès.

2018       – Joint venture between TANTAL (Arg) and FLUBETECH; COATING TECH is the new PVD company in ARgentina

2021       -Starting the activity in Euskadi in the new facilities in Gipuzkoa