Flubetech hosted students from UPC, IQS and UB

Flubetech hosted this week the first grade students of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa UPC ETSEIAAT with Professor Dr. Nuria Salán, Master in Materials Science IQS (Universitat Ramon Llull) with Professor Dr. Carles Colominas and third grade in Materials Science from UB (University of Barcelona) with Professor Dr. Javier Fernández

We appreciate the students interest and teachers confidence to selecting  Flubetech for the training of their students.

Flubetech participates in IQS TechFair 2016

IQS TECH FAIR 2016: The Startups technology fair

On december 14, the first edition of the IQS Tech Fair was held at the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS). In the event inaugurated by the CEO and founder of the company Synergic Partners, Carme Artigas, gathered more than 300 people. This technological fair of industrial startups gave the opportunity to 20 companies to show their technology and services for sectors of new materials , robotics, wearables, life science, energy and environment among others.

The organizer of the event, IQS Tech Factory, which offers support to new technological and innovative startups, aims to contribute to the promotion and increase the catalan industry, which today accounts the 50% of GDP.

Continuing with the strong commitment and innovative spirit of Flubetech, we were present at the event showing our technology and the services that allow to offer in the world of surface engineering.


Flubetech collaborates in the project INNOVATIDE

Flubetech collaborates in the research and development project INNOVATIDE granted by the “Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial”

On May 4, 2016 a grant was given to Flubetech by the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) for a research project entitled “Desarrollo de nuevas geometrías y recubrimientos avanzados para implantes dentales de titanio”. Its main goal is the development of dental implants with better and greater osseointegration capacity.

CDTI is a Public Business Entity, under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which promotes innovations and technological development of Spanish companies by managing financing for R&D&i projects. This grant is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the multi-regional intelligent growth operational program.

This is a cooperation Project with Implant Microdent System S.L (Development, manufacture and commercialization of oral implantology products). In addition, IK4-Tekniker research centre will collaborate in the development and characterization of coatings.

The most relevant innovations proposed in this project are the design of a new implant geometry, the elimination of shot blasting and acid etching and the incorporation of a new coating that will increase the durability of the implant and also will provide bactericidal properties.

  • Flubetech takes part of the Vanguard Initiative discussion with the Vicepresident Katainen

Flubetech takes part of the Vanguard Initiative discussion with the Vicepresident Katainen

Senior political representatives of 26 of the 30 member regions of the Vanguard Initiative met in Brussels today to restate their commitment to delivering growth and jobs through industryled interregional cooperation, co-creation and co-investment.

Wim van de Donk, Current Chair of the Vanguard Initiative and King’s Commissioner, Province of Noord-Brabant, South Netherlands said: “International cooperation is crucial to remove barriers to collaboration and co-investment across Europe. That is the aim of ‘the Vanguard Initiative for New Growth through Smart Specialisation’.

Within the Vanguard Initiative 30 European regions work to embed the smart specialisation agenda, to strengthen competitiveness, to internationalise Europe’s industry and to create jobs. Because together we are stronger!”

The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made by the Vanguard Initiative in the last year. Outlining his support for the work of the Vanguard Initiative in this area, European Commission Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen said: “Regions should be fully involved in the European investment plan. Therefore, I welcome the commitment of the Vanguard Initiative to create interregional partnerships of innovation actors and businesses for joint demonstration projects in new industrial growth areas. This brings new bottom-up and collaborative investment dynamics, which will have a positive impact on European growth and jobs.”

European Commission Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen Joint investments are at the core of the Vanguard Initiative approach. Work is underway to generate financing and investment models that can support the joint demonstration cases flowing from its 5 pilot projects and can deliver early stage investment capital in innovative SMEs.

Central to this bottom-up approach is strong and focussed industry engagement. The Vanguard Initiative is pioneering a new approach to [...]


The AIAS association, following with the “Evenings Technology Program”, has invited the Technical Department of Flubetech to give a presentation about PVD coatings and their applications. After the presentation some specific cases will be presented and discussed and we will have the opportunity to clarify or answer all the questions referred to the PVD technologies
The event is free and will be held at the Centre Metal·lúrgic of Sabadell.
For registration and further information, please click HERE.

5th Edition of Horror Film Festival of Sabadell

As in previous years, Jordi Casals has proposed to collaborate in the 5th edition of the Festival de Cine de Terror de Sabadell. Jordi Casals is a member of the staff organization of the Festival and good friend of the Flubetech team.
In addition to the screenings, parallel activities have been organized for children and adults, scheduled for 15 to 21 February in the different associations of Sabadell. For details on programming and activities, click on HERE
SPOT of the Festival 2016

SMART QUIMIC interviews Carles Colominas

The magazine SMART QUIMIC interviewed Carles Colominas, Professor in Materials Science at IQS –URL and CEO at Flubetech. The interview discusses the present and future of new materials developed in research centres and, increasingly, more quickly deployed the industry. The interview analyse the future of surface engineering, the new industrial dimension of smart surfaces and nano – technologies that allow modify the materials and get these new surfaces.
To see the interview click here or here (Twitter)


Flubetech  participates in the day Interempresas  – ASAMMET  “Aceros inoxidables: Presente y futuro de su transformación” that will take place on November 10 in IQS.

The conference aims to create a space for debate among professionals in fields related to stainless steel and machining, and for that we have the cooperation and participation of the leading manufacturers, processors and users of stainless steel of our territory, they can share with society in general and professionals in particular experiences, concerns and developments.

For registration and a full schedule click HERE.


Flubetech is going to participate, the next November 5th, in the seminar  SURFAS DAY organized by AIAS. The seminar will be held in Madrid in the frame of the exibition   METALMADRID 2015, next days  4th and 5th of November.

Flubetech gives a presentation based on the coatings for machining tools in the aircraft industry.

Click  HERE for the inscriptions and to take a look to the full programm.

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    Flubetech and Eurecat-CTM involved in the Innoplasmed project

Flubetech and Eurecat-CTM involved in the Innoplasmed project

Flubetech and Eurecat-CTM are involved in the research project for advanced coatings to improve the clinical success of prosthetic implants and surgical instruments. 

Flubetech leads the Innoplasmed project in which it participates with Eurecat-CTM Technology Center. The objective of the research is the development of advanced coatings to solve the biological, chemical stability and mechanical problems that are identified in materials for prostheses, implants and surgical instruments.

The project is focused on innovation of coatings obtained using high energy plasma technology for biomedical applications. The HPPMS (High Power Plasma Magnetron Sputtering) technology will guide the project objectives towards an improvement for the long-term clinical success.

The coatings will be processed from the develomplent and industrial implementation of two innovative coating techniques based on hihg-energy plasma: The magnetron sputtering with high power pulses (HPPMS) and the ion implantation by plasma immersion (PIIID).

The Innoplasmed project will last for 3 years with a tota budged of 432.326€ which will be founded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad in its program Retos-Colaboración 2015 del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016.