PVD, BioNitride coating PVD based on TiN

BioNitride is a PVD coating based on TiN and which was specially designed by Flubetech  for the protection of biomedic materials utilized in dental prosthetics and traumatology. Flubetech has developed this PVD coating for components subjected to friction and wear such as removable dental prosthesis, navel, knee, column prosthesis, fixation elements, screws and surgical instruments. The low obtaining temperature does not alter the original properties of the base metal. Moreover, its nanostructured growth allows to reproduce reliably the superficial finish, even with optical gloss.  

Benefits of the coating Bionitride

  • The elevated superficial hardness in the anchoring areas allows it to have a more long-term fixation.
  • Better aesthetic and better compatibility between the metallic material and ceramic cover.
  • Increase of the prosthesis durability due to the high hardness and low friction coefficient that the coating offers.
  • Easy extraction of screws and plates due to the bionert characteristics and to the non-existent affinity with bone cells.
  • Improvement of the surgical instruments' capacity on the account of heat dissipation and necrosis avoidability.
  • Maintenance of the metal's base characteristics during the sterilization process.
  • The instruments colouring permit to differentiate references and facilitates the reading of marks inside the operation room.

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 22GPa (2200HV)
Friction coefficient 0.3
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 1-2 µm
Colour Golden
Obtaining temperature 200ºC
Degradation temperature (oxidation) 450ºC

Successful Applications

  • Femur head, acetabulum and patella.
  • Screws and trauma plates.
  • Fixation components of dental implants.
  • Removable prosthesis.
  • Surgical tools made out of stainless steel or titanium  such as drill bits, end mills and sheaths, amongst others.