PVD, CCplusC coating based on high-hardness layers and Carbon DLC

CCplusC  is a PVD coating based on multilayers of alternated hard compounds (AlTiN) and carbon, surface layers. This coating is specially indicated in mechanizing where lubrication is lacking and where the problem of adhesive wear is as important as the abrasive one.

Benefits of the coating CCplusC

  • Resistance towards adhesive and abrasive wear.
  • High resistance to corrosion even at medium temperatures.
  • Maintains the silhouette of the cutting edges.
  • Low-velocity drilling and screwing of high friction and lacking lubrication, soft alloys and nickel-based alloys.
  • Avoids cold, micro-solders in aluminium-alloys mechanization.
  • Excellent surface finish with auto-polish capacity in superficial the zones where fine chips are seen the most.

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 37 GPa- 7 GPa. (3700 HV - 700 HV aprox)
Friction Coefficient 0.1 against steel
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 2-3 micres
Colour Anthracite black
Obtaining Temperature 450ºC-200ºC
Degradation Temperature (oxidation) 450ºC

Successful Applications

  • Drilling and screwing of non-ferric alloys.
  • Mechanization of Nickel-based alloys.
  • Hardmetal saw blades.