PVD, HSN2 coating based on multiple layers doped with Si

HSN2 is a PVD coating based on Ti-and-Si-doped compounds. The combination of Titanium and Silicon nitrides grants the coating a truly high hardness and refractariety with increased resistance to thermoxidation. HSN2 is specially indicated for mechanizing quenched alloys to hardnesses greater than 55 HRC.

Benefits of the coating HSN2

  • High hardness and wear resistance.
  • Maintains the silhouette of the cutting's edge.
  • Mechanized alloys for dies and moulds which hardness is greater than 60 HRC.
  • High oxidation temperature.

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 40GPa (4000HV)
Friction Coefficient 0.3-0.5
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 2-3 µm
Colour Golden
Obtaining Temperature 450-500ºC
Degradation Temperature (oxidation) 950ºC

Successful Applications

  • Plates, end mills and alloy mechanization 1.2344 (55 HRC), 1.2083 (52 HRC), 1.2379 (62 HRC).
  • Dry-mechanizing to hardness greater than 70 HRC.
  • Cutting velocities of 250 m/min and 0.02 to 0.3 mm/rev.