PVD, Hyperlox  coating based on AlTiN

Hyperlox  is a PVD coating based on AlTiN compounds that ensures the best properties of hardness and tenacity due to obtaining the optimal Al : Ti proportion.  Its structure is made out of extremely thin crystals that obtain layers with incredibly low internal tensions   Hyperlox is specially recommended for cutting tools that require of a high wear resistance and high oxidation resistance, when working in dry and extremely hard conditions.

Benefits of the coating Hyperlox

  • Very high hardness and wear resistance.
  • Excellent hardness-tenacity relationship that is proportionated by the supernitride structure.
  • Hyperlox Plus. The structure obtained for Hyperlox allows to obtain bigger thicknesses while maintaining the same adherence and tenacity properties.
  • Avoids micro-solders when working in heating and non-heating conditions.
  • Excellent superficial finish that minimizes the cutting effors and also the friction within the chip's evacuation channels.
  • Greater oxidation temperature if compared to Tinalox SN2.
  • Hyperlox Blue. Since Hyperlox can be obtained with a characteristic blue colouration then it allows a better tracing of the tool's wear.

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 37GPa (3500HV)
Friction Coefficient 0.3-0.5
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 2-3 µm (4-6 µm Hyperlox plus)
Colour Dark Violet
Obtaining Temperature 450-500ºC
Degradation Temperature (oxidation) 1200ºC

Successful Applications

  • Grooving and end milling plates.
  • End mills, hardmetal and stainless steel reamers.
  • Copying and finishing end mills.
  • Hobs.
  • Gun drills, drill bits of great length.
  • Saw blades.
  • Cutting blades.
  • Mechanizing stainless steels.
  • Mechanizing quenched steels with hardness found at 55 HRC and 62 HRC.
  • Mechanizing  titanium alloys, specially that of TiAL6V4.
  • Possibility of decoating and re-coating.