PVD, Tinalox  SN2 coating based on AlTiN

Tinalox SN2 is a PVD coating based on AlTiN compounds structured in extremely thin crystals (supernitrides) that obtain layers with quite low internal tensions. Tinalox SN2 is specially recommended for those cutting tools that require of a high wear resistance, low friction and an elevated oxidation resistance.

Benefits of the coating TinAlox SN2

  • High hardness and wear resistance.
  • Excellent hardness-tenacity relationship proportionated by the supernitride structure.
  • Avoids micro-solders in both temperature ranges: hot and cold.
  • Excellent superficial finish that minimizes the cutting and friction efforts within the chip's evacuation channels.
  • High oxidation temperature. 

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 32GPa (3000HV)
Friction Coefficient 0.3-0.5
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 2-3µm
Colour Dark Violet
Obtaining Temperature 450-500ºC
Degradation Temperature (oxidation) 850ºC

Successful Applications

  • Milled plates.
  • End mills, hardmetal and high speed steel reamers. 
  • Saw blades.
  • Cutting blades.
  • Generally, alloy and casting mechanization in dry and humid conditions.
  • Possibility of decoating and once re-coating.