Dear Collaborators and Clients, In Flubetech we have implemented the measures recommended by the health authorities to address the crisis caused by COVID¬19. We have enhanced personal hygiene, reduced contacts between people, avoiding meetings and in-person business activity, and increasing the working flexibility of our employees to facilitate the care of children or family members. In accordance with all these measures, we have adapted the working protocols to continue the activity under the strictest security measures for the containment of the virus infection. We will keep a close communication in order to inform you promptly in case the production or delivery deadlines are affected. We offer technical and commercial support by electronic means and are at your disposal to solve any problem. We want to thank you for your understanding. With the efforts of all of us, we believe that EVERYTHING WILL GO! Carles Colominas CEO of Flubetech


We can finally meet! Again we will be in Metalmadrid on November 27 and 28. You will find us at stand 7 to 37. The entrance is put by us (and coffee too) To register for free as a Flubetech guest, you must access the link: See you at METALMADRID 2019 and we personally discuss your coatings needs!

Deep ……. in the surface!!

Quality Assurance / Research & Development For  quality assurance of  hard  coating and  to  offer a comprehensive service to our  customers, Flubetech has incorporated   an   optical   3D   measuring   device:   Alicona Infinite Focus   SL.  This  measurement system is  based   on the   technology  of  Focus-Variation  and  combine  the functionalities of  a  surface roughness measurement device and  a  form  measurement system. All  measurements, regardless of  the  application site,  are  characterized by  high resolution,  traceability  and   repeatability.  That  way, Flubetech improves the  quality control of its  coatings while supports customers in increasing the  reliability of their processes. Tool  Industry •   Verification of cutting edge  preparation •   Surface  finish measurement to determine cutting quality. •   Ideal  chip  removal throughout areal  roughness measurement in the flute. •   Quantification of droplets for improved coating processes proved through areal  roughness measurements. •   Detection of edge  chipping throughout profile roughness measurement. •   Verification of bevel  geometry. •   Complete Reverse  Engineering. Medical Technology •   High resolution measurement of dental implants’ roughness, including those on  thread roots. •   Quality assurance of orthodontic brackets •   Complete form  measurement of surgical drills, milling cutters, etc. •   Verification of surface finish and quality of surgical instruments and instrument tables. Injection Molding •   Quality assurance of micro molds  and molds  in precision manufacturing. •   Geometry measurement of both  electrode and eroded mold. •   Verification of surface finish throughout areal surface texture measurement. Additive Manufacturing •   Quality assurance of additive manufactured parts. •   Surface  texture measurement for quality evaluation of entire surface. •   Analysis of porosity throughout volume measurement (Vvc,  Vmc). •   Automatic measurements to identify form deviations to CAD dataset or reference geometry. •   3D measurements to achieve optimum finishing process, e.g. polishing. Micro Precision Manufacturing •   Measurement of micro

ARRIVEDERCI POLIMI! Sludge treat ends

  ARRIVEDERCI POLIMI! The Sludgetreat project has come to an end. The project is part of the FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP Marie Curie Industry-Academy Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) program funded by the European Commission. It has been coordinated by the Polytechnic of Milan and has aimed at the manufacture of a prototype for sludge drying by electro-osmosis technology. More efficient than thermal drying and more competitive than mechanical drying by press. The success achieved has led to the manufacture of the second generation of desiccator. Flubetech has participated in the coating of the spindle system to avoid corrosion under electrical stress and wear. In addition to the Polytechnic of Milan (Dep. Ing. Química and DICA ) the other partners are  AIN ( ) and X-2 (manufacture of machinery, ) T know more about the project, please take a look at     


Last Wednesday, October 24, took place the First Technical Session on HIPIMS coatings and its applications in the industry. The place where it took place was the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS) of Barcelona. In the event, organized by Flubetech, presented the main characteristics and properties of the coatings obtained by HIPIMS technology (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) as well as the industrial applications that are taking place nowadays and their future expectations. The invited entities, which were Tecnalia, CSIC-US, IK4-Tekniker, nano4energy and Cemecon, presented their studies and advances on HIPIMS technology as well as the most important news in the industry. Flubetech, which has been using this technology for more than a year, is offering HPN1 and Hardlox coatings. Both are giving exceptional performance, especially in applications of cutting tools and aluminum injection molds. After the successful attendance with more than 50 assistants of the academic field and industrial companies interested in technology, work is being done to organize more similar events in other areas of the state of great industrial activity in the sector, such as Euskadi.    


Flubetech presented its solutions in advanced coatings by PVD and CVD at the MetalMadrid2018 fair. The event took place on September 26-27 at the IFEMA fairgrounds in the capital city of Madrid. The successful coatings for the sectors of the cutting tool, injection molds, tooling and biomedicine were exhibited at the Flubetech stand. At the same time, the latest generation coatings based on high energy Pulse technology were presented: Hipims. These are called to be the future of the coatings due to their improvement in the properties of the coatings, especially for their improvement in adhesion, toughness, increased hardness and increased resistance to corrosion. The entire Flubetech team would like to thank all the collaborating companies and the visits received during the contest. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute all the illusion, knowledge and effort in our services since this combination is the key to success. Thank you! The Flubetech team

SLUDGEtreat follow-up meeting

The SLUDGEtreat project is focused on adding value of sewage sludge life cycle by improving sludge quality, reducing costs, developing cutting-edge technologies based on electro-osmosis and using eco-friendly nanostructured materials and coatings to be used as anodes in the electro-dewatering process. Pamplona, June 19, 2018. A successful follow-up meeting took place on June 18th at AIN´s headquarters in Pamplona where representatives from SLUDGEtreat consortium explained their progresses and planned future actions framed on objectives of the project. The main achievements until now can be summarised as following: Designed and engineered a lab-scale device as proof-of-concept of an innovative electro-dewatering (EDW) process Analysed novel approaches to use materials to serve under very demanding conditions, as those facing the anodes for EDW process Designed and engineered a first industrial EDW prototype, based on an innovative concept (patent pending) Assessment of entire life cycle and costing structures for the novel EDW process POLIMI’s staff presented the EDW results achieved by means of the lab-scale device, focusing on the study of test parameters (time, electric field, pressure, polymer dosage) and sludge type that could give the highest sludge DS content. The results of EDW tests carried out on different anode materials, such as PVD coatings (FLUBETECH), nanostructured coatings (POLIMI) and commercial materials (based on Mixed Metal Oxides) have been discussed. Moreover, LCA and cost assessment of the EDW prototype have been introduced to the partners. FLUBETECH’s staff showed several options of PVD coatings studied and based on previous results they proposed new solutions and approaches for corrosion resistant applications. AIN’s staff presented a comprehensive characterization of all the materials/coatings developed by FLUBETECH, POLIMI and AIN. Staff from X2 showed the design of the EDW machine and presented the preliminary results achieved

Successful participation of Flubetech in the BIEMH18

Flubetech presented its solutions in advanced coatings by PVD and CVD at the BIEMH fair in Bilbao. The event took place last May 28-June 1, 2018 in the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) of the capital Vizcaína. The successful coatings for the sectors of the cutting tool, injection molds, tooling and biomedicine were exhibited at the Flubetech stand. At the same time, the latest generation coatings based on high energy Pulse technology were presented: Hipims. These are called to be the future of the coatings due to their improvement in the properties of the coatings, especially for their improvement in adhesion, toughness, increased hardness and increased resistance to corrosion. The entire Flubetech team would like to thank all the collaborating companies and the visits received during the event. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute all the illusion, knowledge and effort in our services since this combination is the key to success. Thank you! The Flubetech Team


The coating of tools and components subjected to wear always gives the satisfaction of the increase of the life of the pieces. But sometimes, the improvement of life of the pieces imply quality of life by itself. This is the case of the maxillofacial prosthetic components. When manufacturing technology, materials science and surface engineering come together to serve the medical sector, you get a cocktail of huge possibilities with unsuspected results a few decades ago. The pleasure of feeling that Flubetech participates in them is very great. The challenge becomes success when, in a very short period of time, a reliable replication of the area to be replaced in the patient is achieved through the additive manufacturing of metals. The durability of the prosthesis is ensured by Biocarbide coatings (DLC coating for biomedical applications under ISO13485) applied to areas, which are subject to friction and wear. The binomial allows the patient to get back to the quality of life that he use to have, in short to return to the everyday life of a normal life. This is why Flubetech makes more than coatings.

A successful kickoff meeting of recently launched EUROSTARS project TRIBOSS

The recently started European EUROSTARS project TRIBOSS address the challenges of offer a global solution in the market that totally solves the White Etching Crack (WEC) tapered rolling bearing (TRB) failures in wind turbine gearboxes. At the project’s kickoff meeting held on the 17th January 2018 in Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona-Spain) participants set up formally the General Assembly body for the consortium conformed by Fersa Innova S.L.U. (Zaragoza-Spain), Flubetech S.L. (Barcelona-Spain), Fraunhofer IPT (Aachen, Germany) and Holoeye Photonics AG (Berlin, Germany). During the meeting there was the assistance of members of IK4-Tekniker (Basque Country, Spain) which are acting as subcontracted Research Institution. The overall aim of Eurostarts TRIBOSS is to reach an innovative approach combining Laser Surface Texturing (LST) and High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) & DC-Magneton Sputtering (DCMS) to tailoring an unique tribological coating architecture. Dr. Marlon Cruz, from Flubetech and Chairman of this kickoff, explains the expected impact from TRIBOSS: ““The TRIBOSS project will integrate capabilities of advanced surface engineered solutions from key actors to add value to components and systems which are needing of the high-performance bearings to wind turbines. Those surface engineered solutions include: thermo-chemical heat treatments, laser texturing with LSM and tribological coatings (by using PVD sputtering including novel HiPIMS technologies). I am totally convinced that such kind of novel solutions only are possible from collaborative projects like this EUROSTARTS””

Flubetech participates in the Workshop: “Innovative and sustainable solutions applied to the molding of parts in the automotive sector”

Last October 26th,  was held at the AIMEN Technological Center in Vigo the Workhop: "Innovative and sustainable solutions applied to the molding of parts in the automotive sector".In the event organized by AIMEN and the collaboration of the COPO Group, Flubetech has presented different solutions based on PVD (Physical Deposition in Vapor Phase) technology that, due to the properties they bring to the materials (greater hardness and resistance to corrosion and friction); are being successfully applied in cutting, extrusion and rolling tools; surgical instruments, prostheses and implants; or injection molds for polymers and light alloys, among others.The event has brought together some thirty people from various technology centers and companies of the industrial sector. See press note:


Flubetech participated in the last edition of Eurosurfas that took place at the Fira de Barcelona from October 2 to 6. The event, which took place alongside Equiplast i Expoquimia, was a success of visits. In addition to having its own stand, Flubetech participated in the "Challenges and persecutives of surface treatment, towards a more sustainable future", in the AIAS (Asociación de Industrias de Acabados de Superficies). The content of this day was oriented to provide solutions for compliance with the Reach Regulation in reducing the use of certain substances and the elimination of others such as Chromium VI, both in the workplace and in the environment, building a more future sustainable in the treatment of surfaces and to preserve the future of our planet, something very important for the philosophy of Flubetech.

TMCOMAS and Flubetech share forces to expand their services in surface engineering

TMCOMAS Flubetech are always willing to grow. Both companies have decided to join forces and broaden the range of services in the field of surface engineering. This agreement will be beneficial for both companies as it will provide them the opportunity to offer its customers a greater range of services to exchange knowledge, and enabling work with both thin and thick coatings. TMCOMAS offer a comprehensive service to their clients already working in the fields of precision engineering, reverse engineering or anti-friction bearings, as in the repair of equipment or welds special dynamic. In addition, in the level of surface engineering, TMCOMAS has become a reference in the world of coatings for thermal spraying and laser cladding.       This accord will combine more than 60 years of experience TMCOMAS in the field of mechanical and surface engineering, with the extensive  knowledge of Flubetech in the development, manufacture and marketing of hard and functional ceramic coatings. Moreover, Flubetech specializes in PVD and CVD coatings. Plasma based coatings are implemented in a wide range of industrial areas such as cutting tools, cutting and forming dies, plastic injection moulds and die casting alloys. These coatings are essential  to improving the quality, competitiveness and long life of the parts. With this agreement, TMCOMAS and Flubetech  will  enhance all possible synergies between the two companies, showing once again its commitment to continue investing in innovation and new technological developments by strengthening  their role as leaders in the field of surface engineering at a National and European level.  

Flubetech hosted students from UPC, IQS and UB

Flubetech hosted this week the first grade students of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa UPC ETSEIAAT with Professor Dr. Nuria Salán, Master in Materials Science IQS (Universitat Ramon Llull) with Professor Dr. Carles Colominas and third grade in Materials Science from UB (University of Barcelona) with Professor Dr. Javier Fernández We appreciate the students interest and teachers confidence to selecting  Flubetech for the training of their students.

Flubetech participates in IQS TechFair 2016

IQS TECH FAIR 2016: The Startups technology fair On december 14, the first edition of the IQS Tech Fair was held at the Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS). In the event inaugurated by the CEO and founder of the company Synergic Partners, Carme Artigas, gathered more than 300 people. This technological fair of industrial startups gave the opportunity to 20 companies to show their technology and services for sectors of new materials , robotics, wearables, life science, energy and environment among others. The organizer of the event, IQS Tech Factory, which offers support to new technological and innovative startups, aims to contribute to the promotion and increase the catalan industry, which today accounts the 50% of GDP. Continuing with the strong commitment and innovative spirit of Flubetech, we were present at the event showing our technology and the services that allow to offer in the world of surface engineering.  

Flubetech collaborates in the project INNOVATIDE

Flubetech collaborates in the research and development project INNOVATIDE granted by the “Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial”   On May 4, 2016 a grant was given to Flubetech by the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) for a research project entitled “Desarrollo de nuevas geometrías y recubrimientos avanzados para implantes dentales de titanio”. Its main goal is the development of dental implants with better and greater osseointegration capacity. CDTI is a Public Business Entity, under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which promotes innovations and technological development of Spanish companies by managing financing for R&D&i projects. This grant is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the multi-regional intelligent growth operational program. This is a cooperation Project with Implant Microdent System S.L (Development, manufacture and commercialization of oral implantology products). In addition, IK4-Tekniker research centre will collaborate in the development and characterization of coatings. The most relevant innovations proposed in this project are the design of a new implant geometry, the elimination of shot blasting and acid etching and the incorporation of a new coating that will increase the durability of the implant and also will provide bactericidal properties.

Flubetech takes part of the Vanguard Initiative discussion with the Vicepresident Katainen

Senior political representatives of 26 of the 30 member regions of the Vanguard Initiative met in Brussels today to restate their commitment to delivering growth and jobs through industryled interregional cooperation, co-creation and co-investment. Wim van de Donk, Current Chair of the Vanguard Initiative and King’s Commissioner, Province of Noord-Brabant, South Netherlands said: “International cooperation is crucial to remove barriers to collaboration and co-investment across Europe. That is the aim of ‘the Vanguard Initiative for New Growth through Smart Specialisation’. Within the Vanguard Initiative 30 European regions work to embed the smart specialisation agenda, to strengthen competitiveness, to internationalise Europe’s industry and to create jobs. Because together we are stronger!” The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made by the Vanguard Initiative in the last year. Outlining his support for the work of the Vanguard Initiative in this area, European Commission Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen said: "Regions should be fully involved in the European investment plan. Therefore, I welcome the commitment of the Vanguard Initiative to create interregional partnerships of innovation actors and businesses for joint demonstration projects in new industrial growth areas. This brings new bottom-up and collaborative investment dynamics, which will have a positive impact on European growth and jobs." European Commission Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen Joint investments are at the core of the Vanguard Initiative approach. Work is underway to generate financing and investment models that can support the joint demonstration cases flowing from its 5 pilot projects and can deliver early stage investment capital in innovative SMEs. Central to this bottom-up approach is strong and focussed industry engagement. The Vanguard Initiative is pioneering


The AIAS association, following with the “Evenings Technology Program”, has invited the Technical Department of Flubetech to give a presentation about PVD coatings and their applications. After the presentation some specific cases will be presented and discussed and we will have the opportunity to clarify or answer all the questions referred to the PVD technologies The event is free and will be held at the Centre Metal·lúrgic of Sabadell. For registration and further information, please click HERE.

5th Edition of Horror Film Festival of Sabadell

As in previous years, Jordi Casals has proposed to collaborate in the 5th edition of the Festival de Cine de Terror de Sabadell. Jordi Casals is a member of the staff organization of the Festival and good friend of the Flubetech team. In addition to the screenings, parallel activities have been organized for children and adults, scheduled for 15 to 21 February in the different associations of Sabadell. For details on programming and activities, click on HERE SPOT of the Festival 2016

SMART QUIMIC interviews Carles Colominas

The magazine SMART QUIMIC interviewed Carles Colominas, Professor in Materials Science at IQS –URL and CEO at Flubetech. The interview discusses the present and future of new materials developed in research centres and, increasingly, more quickly deployed the industry. The interview analyse the future of surface engineering, the new industrial dimension of smart surfaces and nano - technologies that allow modify the materials and get these new surfaces. To see the interview click here or here (Twitter)

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