Deep ……. in the surface!!

Quality Assurance / Research & Development

For  quality assurance of  hard  coating and  to  offer a comprehensive service to our  customers, Flubetech has incorporated   an   optical   3D   measuring   device:   Alicona Infinite Focus   SL.  This  measurement system is  based   on the   technology  of  Focus-Variation  and  combine  the functionalities of  a  surface roughness measurement device and  a  form  measurement system. All  measurements, regardless of  the  application site,  are  characterized by  high resolution,  traceability  and   repeatability.  That  way, Flubetech improves the  quality control of its  coatings while supports customers in increasing the  reliability of their processes.

Tool  Industry

•   Verification of cutting edge  preparation

•   Surface  finish measurement to determine cutting quality.

•   Ideal  chip  removal throughout areal  roughness measurement in the flute.

•   Quantification of droplets for improved coating processes proved through areal  roughness measurements.

•   Detection of edge  chipping throughout profile roughness measurement.

•   Verification of bevel  geometry.

•   Complete Reverse  Engineering.

Medical Technology

•   High resolution measurement of dental implants’ roughness, including those on  thread roots.

•   Quality assurance of orthodontic brackets

•   Complete form  measurement of surgical drills, milling cutters, etc.

•   Verification of surface finish and quality of surgical instruments and instrument tables.

Injection Molding

•   Quality assurance of micro molds  and molds  in precision manufacturing.

•   Geometry measurement of both  electrode and eroded mold.

•   Verification of surface finish throughout areal surface texture measurement.

Additive Manufacturing

•   Quality assurance of additive manufactured parts.

•   Surface  texture measurement for quality evaluation of entire surface.

•   Analysis of porosity throughout volume measurement (Vvc,  Vmc).

•   Automatic measurements to identify form deviations to CAD dataset or reference geometry.

•   3D measurements to achieve optimum finishing process, e.g. polishing.

Micro Precision Manufacturing

•   Measurement of micro gears;  includes area based  measurement and verification of the entire tooth flank  of all teeth.

•   Measurement of complex shapes  with  small radii and angles even at high measurement volumes.

•   Determination of shape  and roughness via large lateral and vertical scanning areas  within one single  measurement process.

•   Checking and verification of dimensional accuracy and finish quality.

•   Failure  analysis, incoming goods  inspection and integrated tools compensation.