Flubetech started as a spin off of the IQS  Materials Engineering Group. Its initial activity was based on skills and knowledge acquired through SRI (Stanford Research Institute, Cal, USA).

Although the  main focus of Flubetech is on industrial hard coatings obtained through PVD and CVD, a drive towards constant innovation coupled with collaboration with research centres and universities  has produced an ongoing synergy which has been called upon in many internal projects both nationally and internationally.

Flubetech actively  participates in ACCIO R&D, CDTI, and other programs within the European-framework .

The commitment  of the  Flubetech team to innovation, entrepreneurship and academic training has attracted the interest of professional associations within the sector and we are frequently invited to participate and organize congresses, workshops, innovation conferences in the field of surface engineering as well as training  and in-house courses.

Flubetech strongly supports the advancement of the different coating technologies and consequently has a blog which features the latest innovation in the field of PVD and CVD hard coatings, new coatings and upcoming events in the sector. We also act as an open forum to answer any questions raised around  thin-film, hard-coatings  with a special emphasis on those obtained by PVD and CVD.


Flubetech has funding of ENISA (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo).


Certificado ENISA