PVD, TiN  Form  coating based on TiN

TiN Form is a PVD coating based on structured-supernitride TiN. It is specially indicated for protecting the surface of the gravers, and stamping and cutting dies when working without heating. Flubetech has developed TiN Form so as to enhance the adhesive and abrasive-wear resistance that is produced in the contact zones found between the troquel and the sheet.  The obtaining characteristics of  TiN Form coating allow to obtain an excellent adherence. The superficial preparation and coating steps have been carefully designed for the sake of guaranteeing the requested adherence in cutting and conforming applications. The polished finishes are maintained after the coating step. This coating is greatly recommended for high productivity troquels and for medium and low resistant sheets with small thicknesses.  

Benefits of the coating TiN Form

  • Corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Maintenance of the troquel's original hardness.
  • Absence of dimensional distortions during the coating's process.
  • Easy-to-clean coating. Diminution of the cleaning step and of the tools' maintenance in galvanized sheets or with anti-corrosive coatings.
  • If required,  the polishing capacity can be increased.
  • Inferior hardness if compared to Alox Molt but with smaller friction coefficient.

Technical Characteristics

Hardness 25GPa (2500HV)
Friction Coefficient 0.3
Adherence Excellent
Thickness 4-8 µm
Colour Golden
Obtaining Temperature 450-500ºC
Degradation Temperature (oxidation) 500ºC

Successful Applications

  • Troquels fabricated with quenched and tempered alloys.  Cold working steels: 1.2379,1.2363 ; high speed steel: 1,3343; powdered steels for troquels' fabrication, Maraging steels.
  • Moulds fabricated with pre-quenched alloys ( 1.2378, 1.2311).
  • Implants with copper alloys (beryllium bronzes).