Roll to Roll

Roll To Roll PVD Magnetron Sputtering
Roll to roll PVD Magnetron Sputtering (R2R) allows droplet free thin film deposition on large continuous and flexible substrates. As it has always been a challenge both in the economic and technical aspect, this technology enables the deposition of metal, metal oxides and ceramics without opening the vacuum chamber. Metallization on polymer films or meshes has recently gained industrial interest as changes in the properties could open new application niches.

R2R is mainly dedicated to polymer, metallurgic and textile industries as it is intended for large flexible substrates that can be coated such as films, tapes or meshes.  Roll to Roll enables efficient managing of the film stress during the deposition process in order to avoid substrate deformation or breakage.

• Drum design up to 20.000m/day (on plastic film)
• Substrates: metals, polymers, textiles etc.
• Foil width: up to 140mm
• Transparent conductive oxides
• Metallisation, electrode layers
• Semiconducting oxides
• Hi-rate Si, Ni, Cu deposition