Technical presentations at Schools

The Technical Department of Flubetech has been collaborating with the Department of Studies Promotion of UPC to give some technical presentations. The goal is to motivate students to choose technical studies showing their applications and daily uses.
Flubetech participated for years in this experience, offering UPC, some presentations based on new materials, conventional materials and coatings. High Schools can get in touch with UPC to request the presentation which is more closely associated to their monographic workshops.
This year, Flubetech has carried out three presentations at IES Joan Oró (Martorell), IES La Ribera (Moncada and Reixach) and IES Eugeni Xammar (L’Ametlla del Vallès) to offer an introduction to coatings technology, discussing the different techniques used to achieve these coatings and the theoretical aspects of the origins of coatings. Theory, technology and application.