TMCOMAS and Flubetech share forces to expand their services in surface engineering

TMCOMAS Flubetech are always willing to grow. Both companies have decided to join forces and broaden the range of services in the field of surface engineering.

This agreement will be beneficial for both companies as it will provide them the opportunity to offer its customers a greater range of services to exchange knowledge, and enabling work with both thin and thick coatings.

TMCOMAS offer a comprehensive service to their clients already working in the fields of precision engineering, reverse engineering or anti-friction bearings, as in the repair of equipment or welds special dynamic. In addition, in the level of surface engineering, TMCOMAS has become a reference in the world of coatings for thermal spraying and laser cladding.





This accord will combine more than 60 years of experience TMCOMAS in the field of mechanical and surface engineering, with the extensive  knowledge of Flubetech in the development, manufacture and marketing of hard and functional ceramic coatings.

Moreover, Flubetech specializes in PVD and CVD coatings. Plasma based coatings are implemented in a wide range of industrial areas such as cutting tools, cutting and forming dies, plastic injection moulds and die casting alloys. These coatings are essential  to improving the quality, competitiveness and long life of the parts.

With this agreement, TMCOMAS and Flubetech  will  enhance all possible synergies between the two companies, showing once again its commitment to continue investing in innovation and new technological developments by strengthening  their role as leaders in the field of surface engineering at a National and European level.