The coating of tools and components subjected to wear always gives the satisfaction of the increase of the life of the pieces. But sometimes, the improvement of life of the pieces imply quality of life by itself. This is the case of the maxillofacial prosthetic components.

When manufacturing technology, materials science and surface engineering come together to serve the medical sector, you get a cocktail of huge possibilities with unsuspected results a few decades ago. The pleasure of feeling that Flubetech participates in them is very great.

The challenge becomes success when, in a very short period of time, a reliable replication of the area to be replaced in the patient is achieved through the additive manufacturing of metals. The durability of the prosthesis is ensured by Biocarbide coatings (DLC coating for biomedical applications under ISO13485) applied to areas, which are subject to friction and wear. The binomial allows the patient to get back to the quality of life that he use to have, in short to return to the everyday life of a normal life. This is why Flubetech makes more than coatings.